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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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police say man who did it is behind bars, after a, chilling confession. tonight, we're learning that her alleged killer may have been planning the murder for years. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live with more on this, greg. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. that murder happened behind me a at the doctor's home in hockessin delaware. police say the murderer is 21 year-old christopher frick, who they say has been planning this for the past three years. and early yesterday morning, he carried out that gruesome plan. five five-year old psychiatrist caroline ekong dead. >> family member called 911 reported that he discovered her mother deceased. >> reporter: police say her killer is 21 year-old christopher frick who had been stalking ekong and planning her death the for three years there were numerous documents recovered, from both residents that made that very clear. >> reporter: investigators say the the the murder happened
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around 4:00 yesterday morning at her home in hockessin delaware. frick broke in, confronted her and stabbed ekong multiple times. her body discovered by her daughter a short while later. >> he he had been planning this event for three years. >> reporter: after fleeing police say frick called police himself from his parent's home a few miles away. >> male subject called 911 and claimed to be responsible for the death of the female at that residents. >> reporter: before last night investigators say frick and ekong's only face-to-face interaction happened three years ago. they won't say when was a patient of hers but police did elaborate on her his infatuation. >> i cannot get into the details but it wasn't any kind of romantic session that was involved. >> reporter: ekong had no clue he had been planning her death and stalking her for years. >> there was no indication that this would happen or no communication like anything like this would occur. >> reporter: now, frick faces a slew of felony charges, of course, first degree murder, burglary and home invasion.
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he is sitting behind bars without bail. we are live in hockessin delaware, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much, greg. suspect has been charged in the sexual assault of the temple university student. twenty-three year-old shekorean bennet of harlem street is facing several charges tonight including rape. police say that he is the man seen in the surveillance video from september 28th and moments earlier police say he robbed and sexually assaulted a temple student on north carlisle street. police are investigating two robberies near temple, both involving temple students. robbery took place around midnight on the 1800 block of north 15th street. it is not clear what was taken but robbery victim was not injured. a carjack ago this happened near tenth and susquehanna around 2:00 this morning. police say robberies were not related and there have been no arrests. two bucks county in men charged in the beating of the the gay couple in center city last september pleaded guilty today. as part of the plea deal philip williams and kevin harrigan will not serve jail time but they in must stay out
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of center city while on probation for three to five years. they must also serve 200 hours of community service, at lgbt related organizations. the the third suspect katherine knott rejected a plea deal and will go to trial. one of the beating victims was left with the broken jaw that had to be wired shut while it healed. two police officers in dover, delaware are hurt after a man dragged them in his car while attempting to getaway. police say officer anthony deven rick owe and officer willie johnson were responding about a complaint earlier this morning the at the ham let shopping center. when they tried to rehave move the man from his car he dragged them across the parking lot and then fled before being caught. twenty-eight year-old christopher brewer was arrested for assault and related charges. taking a look now at the weather, another beautiful fall daze across the region. meteorologist lane casey is on the cbs-3 skies deck with more on that lauren. >> reporter: a beautiful october evening and in progress, sunsetting in the distance. center city behind me. the nice clear skies.
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those clear skies confirmed on storm scan three. that is the scene in and around the delaware valley, up and along i-95 corridor but showers, well up wind exiting the great lakes region, and that moisture will start to dissolve as it continues to move eastbound with you cold front that is generating those showers, will move its way through as we head in the take tomorrow and that will bring us a chance of the isolated sprinkle will but more so will bring us a big cool down in the weekend. but temperatures right now where they should be as far as averagings are concerned. sixty-two in ac. calling in at 63 right now in wildwood. your first forecast as we head into the evening hours, keeping it nice and clear, once we have passed the midnight hour we will see cloud deck increasing just a bit but comfortable temperatures this evening in the 60's falling down in the 50's. as we look ahead at your forecast for tomorrow, we are going go to see some sunshine especially as we head into the second half of the day, down the shore, in the poconos and
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in philadelphia we could see that chance of the isolated sprinkle in the morning. high temperatures still seasonal, upper 60's in philadelphia same case down the shore. cooler in the poconos in the middle 50's but all of that will change for the upcoming weekend. i will have details on your chill down in a few. >> see you shortly, thank you. today activist come together to protest suspension of the professor from the community college of philadelphia. >> unaudible. >> "eyewitness news" at 15th and spring guard then afternoon. group is protesting the the suspension of an adjunct professor nair. last week they say nair was suspend without pay after speaking at a student led protest about the rise in police recruitment on campus. right now there is more than 1,000 supporters on to reinstate nair. well, with the papal visit behind us, philadelphia officials are now looking forward to the next major event, the the 2016, democratic national convention. today the dnc committee announced the opening of their
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philadelphia office and also had some news for local businesses. rahel solomon joins us from city hall with more on that, rahel. >> reporter: ukee, good evening. the that is right. the officials today said they expect the week lon congress convention to bring about $350 million to philadelphia, and even the mayor saying he is feeling pretty confident that many restaurants will be completely sold out. >> there piss no question, i mean i would anticipate touring that week, virtually every, you know, any kind of serious restaurant or other business should be sold out. >> reporter: about 50,000 people are expected, and dnc officials say those big crowd will mean big money for local businesses. >> we're seeing where delegates stay, which restaurant, septa, all of the things delegates will spend and do while they are here. >> reporter: the last convention to be held here was rnc in 2,000. the last dnc was 1948. while we're still more than eight months away from the
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2016 democratic national convention, the group says they want to help businesses to start getting ready. >> we are going to be launching a series of informational sessions, for local businesses, so that they can learn how they can be involved, and get a piece of the the economic pie. >> reporter: thursday's press conference was held at union employees minutemen press on south broad street, just outside, workers from the carpenters union protested over a labor dispute with the pennsylvania convention center where some dnc events are expect to take place. >> the carpenters, as best a can tell, will be working at the wells fargo center which is not a venue at dispute and the rest of it will have to take its course. >> reporter: the web nature for business owners will be october 27th, in person town hall with dnc officials and mayor nutter, that will be november 6th. we will post these days on our web site as well as cbs reporting live, rahel solomon
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. penndot says chestnut street overpass over i-95 will be closed until at least the weekend for emergency repair work. chopper three over the closure on front street near penns landing where crews are repairing a crack in the support pier. they noticed this problem yesterday. traffic in the areas being detoured on to front the street. let's talk sports right now. a one-three start gets a lot of people talking especially fur coach is chip kelly. >> bird have improved to two-three and chance to tie for division lead if they beat giant on monday. >> but, but rumors are back and rumors have been swirling about coach kelly's return to college foot the ball. they are back again, um. >> no matter what he does he cannot seem to get away from these rumors. they say it is never too late to go back to school but chip kelly is like enough already. southern cal-zawahiri fired its coach, u.s.c. is a a great job in the pack 12 college where chip coached at oregon but kelly says he is sticking with the eagles.
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rumors start by on line publications that have kelly a as favorite to land in southern california assuming that the eagles continue to struggle. today kelly was asked if he is interested in u.s.c. he said no, and then took it a step further. >> what do you want to talk b the let's talk about another college. you have ten minutes. let's's talk about texas. i know you have a an obligation. i understand it will happen. if we're not successful, we're not winning, i will go back to college. i hope to be like to win enough games where i can win long enough and let had speculation end. >> he is over it. chip answering the question in the only way chip can. new back in 2013 he signed a five-year deal with the bird report thely worth, 32 million. thursday night football tonight on cbs-3 penn chart's alumni matt ryan and falcons trying to go six-zero when they visit new orleans to take on drew brees and saints. coverage begins at 7:30. after the game on the late
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news, find out your philadelphia eagles are ending up in pillates studios and yeah, i also took the plunge and i'm still hurting. >> the core, is your core hurting. >> if you told me right here in the ribs. >> like that. >> look at him. >> yeah. >> i'm still feeling pain. >> i didn't know, i can't wait to hear more. >> like that. >> thanks, buddy this guy right here. >> this guy good all right buddy, see you in a little bit. still ahead, the shark shot that is getting a south jersey woman in the book of world record where she snapped this impressive photo of the the great white. three years later still recovering from sandy, multi million-dollar effort in atlantic city that is helping to protect the shoreline.
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atlantic city is making progress when it comes to storm protection. >> construction is underway on the 32 million-dollar sea wall running a along the absecon inlet. it will replace a old section of the crumbling boardwalk that was damaged even further from super storm sandy. local officials say that there have been talks to repair that
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boardwalk for more than 30 years. >> we have trouble filling out, trucks with gas these days, so it is very grateful to have everyone else on board. >> there is a lesson here, not to give up. there is a lesson that if you keep working at it, that we can get to it. >> the sea wall is almost entirely, federally funded and another three million-dollar will help build a new boardwalk which goes all the way from near revel casino to the atlantic city aquarium. speaking of the seas, she's back. we have not seen her since around midsummer but mary lee the shark is once again off the jersey coast. >> great white pinged off of ocean city. she has been very busy according to osearch. she has traveled 140 miles in just more than a day. she spent the ladder hall half of the sum inner florida, and the carolinas. teacher in gloucester county has quite a fishtail to tell. >> also, quite a fishtail for the the whole world to see. amanda brewer is a shark lover.
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when she's not teaching art at whitman elementary school she's cage diving in shark infested waters. she took this photo while volunteering for a shark conservation group off the coast of south africa and that photo landed in the 2016 guinness book have of world record. most cage divers keep their head under water but not amanda. >> i stay on the surface because a lot of times sharks will pop up and they do cool things on the surface. that is how i and to get this photograph. >> when i saw it printed just a few days ago. i said wow, that is my photo and that is my name and it is there and all of these kid and people around the world will get to see it and read it and learn about these animals. >> i have a feeling those students think she's pretty cool. >> yes. >> and, category of largest predatory fish, and, latest addition of the guinness have of world record. take a look for that. >> that looks like promotion photo. >> yes. >> i mean how can you compete with vacation photos with her, i was sitting on the beach.
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>> yeah, right. >> drop the picture. >> look at that. >> yes, and, lauren is here with more weather. >> yes, cooling down. maybe some layers, so you have not broken out yet in the upcoming weekend. maybe have put on a full on winter coat but might need witt overnight less in the 30's. we will i have breeze to boot. conditions looking nice. we will look live at a neighborhood network cameras. the kutztown right now 57 degrees. west to southeasterly wind at 3 miles an hour. the not a cloud in the sky as we near sunset time. but as we get in the next 24 to 48 hours, we will start to increase cloud deck a bit to two cold front positioned up wind but they will start to drop n first of which move in late tonight, early tomorrow morning and we will see secondary one were not a lot of moisture but quite a bit of cold air. right now enjoy these 60's. sixty-four in philadelphia 60
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millville. sixty-two in atlantic city. we have slightly chilly air off to the north and west. temperatures right now in the 50's. 57 degrees in state college. we are going to be turning colder once that frontal boundary moves through. we could see a isolated spring with the this system late tonight, early tomorrow morning, increase in the cloud deck but more sunshine into late day, ahead of the boundary we are up in the 60's, so still seasonal for tomorrow but then that changes as we head in the upcoming weekend. cold front, pair open up the door to cold canadian air so high temperatures in the 50's on saturday. strong northwesterly wind kicks up, saturday, saturday night and into sunday as well temperatures tumble further as that cold air will be reenforced, high pressure in control. we have a mix of sun and included throughout the weekend. the bright blue skies and low cloud around as well. future win gusts showing that trend for gusty wind, once those frontal boundaries move
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through. win gusts up around 15 to 20 to 25 miles an hour. so not super windy but with these colder temperatures combined that with these wind gust that is wind chill will be a little bit better, because we have some of our coldest air of the season so far. in the really used to it with high temperatures in the upper 50's on saturday. lower 50's for sunday. this is average for not mid-october but mid-november. it will feel pretty chilly in origin of this cold air. way up in can inadequacies eighties sinking in as we head into early sunday morning that is a cold start likely at or below freezing for points north and west of the city and we will get down in the 30's in philadelphia and parts of the southern new jersey as well as we head into sunday morning. overnight tonight still right around average, 50 degrees, increasing included late, chance of the isolated sprinkle late tonight, early morning hours tomorrow, otherwise increasing sunshine, still up in the upper 60's but then say good bye a as we head
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in the weekend. we will be in the 60's from the 10:00 o'clock hour and 4:00 he clock hour. in our hour by hour forecast more cloud to start. the less cloud to end the day. mix of cloud saturday and sunday. we have 37 degrees on sunday. highs only in the low 50's. looking like nice football weather on machine for eagles game and settle another chilly start 37 degrees. we're in the middle 50's. pretty big rebound, return flow as we push into tuesday and wednesday. we are backup to near 70 degrees by mid week next week. little brief cool down breaking us in as the season moves on. >> i like it. >> thanks, very much. >> the "cbs evening news" is a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and guess contact great to be with you in philadelphia here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. medicare premiums could sore by 50 percent. will fractured congress do anything go to stop it. plus president obama
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decides on more troops for afghanistan. a musical celebration, 50 years in the making. we will have those stories, just ahead on the "cbs evening news".
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i'm so ready for this game. >> it is hard to believe that they still have a chance after that slow start, right. >> you are right. >> incredible. >> eagles getting ready for giant monday night rivalry game with at least a tie for first place in the nfc east on the line. leslie van arsdal has more from the novacare complex. >> so many people wondering what exactly made difference for eagles on unday? some of the players say they were affect by pregame inspirational speech that was made by quarterback sam bradford. >> there was just something that i felt the the time was right, something needed to be said, and hopefully it goat
6:24 pm
guys fired up. >> it was very real. the it was very like, all right, like these are the eagles we are. when we get out there you have to go out there with the mind set that we are best offense in the league. >> we saw eagles beat saint 39-17 what we didn't see was bradford's pregame meeting with an offense that struggled through opening four game of the 2015 season. >> sam has been a leader since he has gotten here but it was definitely good to hear, great timing. >> it was for the first time i ever kind of got together and said what needed to be said before the game and it helped during the game. >> reporter: aim not sure what sam bradford said in the speech but i hope he has another within prepared monday night. reporting from the novacare complex, leslie van arsdal "eyewitness sports". game five tonight in los angeles talking about the mets, and the the dodgers. ukee and jessica, i need your help right the now talking about the the mlb playoffs.
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how would you celebrate a huge home run? first, morales, helped royals reach with the massive blast. look at how he celebrates, he is skipping down first base. that is his style, that is how he rolls. now we have jose, hammers ate begins rangers, blue jays are moving on and then watch the bat flip, it is the flip. >> right there. >> do you see that. >> he does not care. >> very a aggressive. >> i know the excitement of the moment but you are professional, hit it out of the park, act like you have been there before. >> been there before, hit it, take your trot, go home. >> i'd skip i have seen ukee after great shows. >> what? >> he drops the the mike and walk off. >> you are not right. walk off. >> you are not right. >> you are not
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station the cw philly and back here on cbs-3 after the game tonight. >> up next, "cbs evening news" tonight and more on president owe bam's announcement to keep 10,000 troops in afghanistan. david martin breaks down the the plan. find out why medicare premiums could soon be on the rise, from new york, here now is scott pelley. >> take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: senior slam. no social security raise, but millions could see their medicare premiums soar. also tonight, the president delays the pull-out from afghanistan. >> it's the right thing to do. >> pelley: a key part of america's anti-terror security system crashes, creating a travel nightmare. and at the white house, the sound of warming relations with cuba. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today the social security administration told nearly 65 million retirees they will not be getting a raise next year because inflation is too low to trigger one. the bad news gets worse: unless congress acts, many of the


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